New Granulator for Pharmaceuticals from Bosch

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Bosch Packaging Technology acquired the Hüttlin company in August, 2011 and are now presenting the Hüttlin GranuLean, a compact granulation line which includes a high-shear mixer, a wet mill, a fluid-bed dryer and a dry mill. The new granulator was introduced at the Achema show in Frankfurt in June, 2015.
(Bosch Packaging Technology Newsletter, May 2015)

New Granulator from Freund

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At the Achema exhibition, Freund Corporation, the Japanese supplier of equipment for pharmaceuticals, introduced their new Granuformer as a conceptual design.
In the Granuformer, both the raw-material powder and the binder are fed into a compact vertical granulator via a twin screw extruder. A dome-type mill is integrated in the granulator. After granulation, the product is dried in an air stream in a novel spiral-shaped steel tube which is claimed to prevent agglomeration and generation of oversize granules. (more…)

Countdown to Achema

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Photo: Achema

Photo: Achema

The world’s largest process engineering show is taking place in Frankfurt am Main from the 15th to the 19th of June. There will be a large number of exhibitors of process plant, equipment and instrumentation for powdery products. (more…)

Lesaffre Invest 7 million Euro in new Drying Tower

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A new spray drying tower was inaugurated on 23rd of April at Lesaffres Biospringer site in Strasbourg. This investment in a third drying tower will be dedicated to drying of parietal fractions of yeast. The total investment cost is around 7 million Euro and will enable Lesaffre to produce close to 4,000 tons per year. Lesaffre investment is a consequence of a booming market. The investment were decided since the two existing towers could not handle any more processing of yeast extracts.

(Food Ingredients First, April 2015)