At the Achema exhibition, Freund Corporation, the Japanese supplier of equipment for pharmaceuticals, introduced their new Granuformer as a conceptual design.
In the Granuformer, both the raw-material powder and the binder are fed into a compact vertical granulator via a twin screw extruder. A dome-type mill is integrated in the granulator. After granulation, the product is dried in an air stream in a novel spiral-shaped steel tube which is claimed to prevent agglomeration and generation of oversize granules.
As benefits of the new granulator type, the produced granulate is claimed to have
– as narrow a size distribution as fluid-bed granulated product and narrower size distribution than granules from high-shear mixers,
– higher tablet hardness than fluid-bed product and high-shear mixer product, and
– a disintegration time that is comparable to fluid-bed product and shorter than that of high-shear mixer product.