Conditions for courses and arrangements

  1. Registration takes place on our website. If you have questions, please find contact information in the course description or write to
  2. Immediately after registration, the registered participants will receive a confirmation.
  3. Registration to a course or an arrangement is binding. If participation is cancelled up to 1 month before the start of an arrangement, 50 pct of the fee is refunded. At later cancellation, no refund is made, but the course documentation is shipped by mail. Substitutions can be made freely.
  4. In the course description, information is given on the fee of a course or an arrangement as well as on what is included in the fee: Participation, possible meals, possible course documentation and in some cases a social evening event. Accomodation is not normally included but should be ordered directly at the hotel. According to EU regulations, the fee is subject to VAT in the country in which the arrangement takes place, and there can be no VAT-free sales between EU countries for this type of arrangement.
  5. An invoice will be sent approximately 30 days before the start of an arrangement. Payment is 20 days net.
  6. In exceptional cases, arrangements can be cancelled, e.g. due to very few registrered participants, even though we try to carry through all arrangements even with a limited number of participants. When an arrangement is cancelled, information is sent to the registered participants as soon as possible, and any payments are refunded. There is no compensation for other costs following the cancellation.
  7. Well be before an arrangement, detailed information will be sent to the participants on meeting times and necessary preparation, if any.
  8. The program may be subject to minor changes relative to the course description.